mayo 28, 2008

Restore Volume Groups and filesystem structures under Veritas Volume Manager/Solaris

  1. Was the disk recognized?
    # vxdisk -o alldgs list
    If the disk is present, follow with next point.
    If it's not, do the necessary steps to get the disk assigned, then issue:
    # devfsadm //this command will force the OS to recognize the disks
    # vxdctl enable //this command will force VxVM to recognize the volumes
    Verify everything's ok:
    # vxdisk -o alldgs list
  2. Once we check the disks are present, verify if the Volume Groups were imported:
    # vxdg list
    If they are not, do i by issuing:
    # vxdg import dgname (may be they appear between parentheses as th output of vxdisk -o alldgs)
    If it doesn't work, maybe we have to force:
    # vxdg import -Cf dgname (C = clear deletes all the previous flags,f force)
  3. Initialize the vgs:
    # vxvol startall
  4. Mount the filesystems, according to /etc/vfstab or manually, in case it doesn't work, you should check the filesystem by running fsck command.

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